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Apr. 9th, 2012 05:35 pm
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I've crowed everywhere else about it, so I suppose it's time to crow about it here: I have a song on the new Homestuck album:

People have said lots of nice things. I've started taking screenshots whenever I get a compliment, and I'm saving them in a folder called "These People Are Not Idiots" to be opened the next time I decide I'm a failure and nobody will ever care about anything I do.

Reflexive self-destruction aside, the honest-to-god truth is that I'm fucking chuffed to be on the album. It's topped the bandcamp charts for the past week, and based on the Tumblr stats alone I know thousands of people have played that song and liked it. It's a good feeling. I freaked out when I got the email that said I'd made it onto the album, like full on hand-flapping "ohshitohshitoshitohmygod"-style. It was pretty great. Someone shoulda had a video camera.

I have a lot (ha ha a lot) of translation work on my plate, and I also need to get moving on the anthology. Jesus.

There is so much to do. I seem to average about one fist-clenching stress overload/freakout per diem, lately.

I'm thinking of getting an subscription, just because I miss vaguely watching baseball in the background of doing other things.

Fuck it, time for a beer.

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